Our Company

GABIO is a new and innovative company that’s a wholly-owned division of Innovex Produits Techniques, a company that’s worked in the field of civil construction in Quebec for more than 25 years. GABIO specialises in the distribution and assembly of architectural gabions.

A touch
of history

As a reminder that this site was once the landfill site of the old Miron quarry, the architect had the idea of filling in some gabions with typically buried waste:

  • Plastic bottles waste
  • Brick waste
  • Waste cans
  • Waste of old toys
  • Glass waste behind a plexiglass.

GABIO is also a division of INNOVEX Produits Techniques, which has been working in the distribution of materials linked to the geotechnical field since 1990. By considering GABIO for your projects, you benefit from the expertise of Innovex’s entire technical team, which has over 60 years of experience!

Choosing GABIO is choosing RIGHT!