Accessories and Fill

Gabion Stone

Any type of stone can be used to fill gabions (crushed stone, flat stone, limestone, slate, etc.), depending on your style, your budget and the proximity of sources of supply. However, GABIO does not advise using non-freezing stone (that could crack when frozen) or friable stone. For an even more refined look, we suggest filling visible sides by hand. Stones with a dimension of 4 inches are ideal for use as gabion stones.

Crushed Glass

Decorative gabions can be filled with crushed glass. A number of different colours are available and integrating LED lighting can make for a spectacular effect.


Want to add a little green to your gabion structure? A vegetation wall is your solution! Completely or partially covered in vegetation, these walls blend smoothly into an urban or a residential setting.

  • Wood
  • Recycled materials

In general, you can fill your gabion with virtually any kind of solid material, offering a completely customisable solution.

Advice for

  • Fill all gabions in successive stages.
  • Place material on visible sides by hand to ensure all spaces are filled.
  • Proceed gently when filling your gabions using an excavator.
  • It is strongly recommended not to let a large amount of stone fall into the gabion, the impact could damage the structure.


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