Why choose GABIO?


When it comes to building gabion retaining walls, we know how critical it is for your structure to stand the test of time.  The most important criteria to consider when purchasing architectural gabions are: 

  • The nature of the steel used;
  • The strength of the welds;
  • The type of anti-corrosion coating;
  • The quantity of the coating.

Choosing GABIO is having the assurance that no Asian products are used. GABIO steel mesh is 100% European made. The steel strands that compose them are supplied by one of the two main steel manufacturers in the world: ArcelorMittal and/or Bekaert. Only high-tensile steel is supplied. In addition, GABIO requires its suppliers to coat the steel strands with an anti-corrosive mixture that surpasses the Galfan process commonly offered by others (see the INFOGABIO section for more details on galvanization). Finally, a minimum rate of 270 g/m² must cover each steel strand to ensure complete protection even after the strands are cut.

The shape
of the meshes

There are two types of mesh configurations at GABIO.

You can choose to build your structure with 75 x 75 mm square mesh (CARO mesh)

or with rectangular mesh of 50 x 100 mm (RECTO mesh). Of course, you can choose between horizontal and vertical mesh layouts.

In both cases, the mesh is manufactured with 4.50 mm diameter strands, which is the most common diameter in the world for architectural gabion structures.

The delivery
in kits

Although GABIO can supply pre-assembled “cubes”, it is preferable to purchase meshes in kits of two meshes to form an “L” or in kits of three meshes to form a “T”. Most of the time, these kits are connected with a spiral, but it is also possible to connect the mats with steel rings on request.

The delivery of the mesh in kits gives you a considerable advantage when it comes time to do your construction on site. Thus, each elevation of each of your structures has 2 L-shaped kits reserved for the ends and several T-shaped kits positioned as below between the L-shaped kits. Spirals or steel rings are then installed to connect all the kits together.

The assembly

Upon request, GABIO can provide an assembly plan that will help you complete your construction on site. For example, 3D drawings can be provided to help you understand and associate the items in your delivery with those in your construction. If different sizes of mesh are delivered, the assembly plan provided by GABIO will allow you to know their location, which will result in considerable time savings.


At GABIO we understand that the technique of building walls or fences with gabions is not yet well known in Canada. Therefore, we take the time to train landscaping companies to ensure that their constructions are successful. If necessary, we will assist in the start-up of the projects in order to teach the “tricks of the trade” that guarantee a durable and aesthetic construction. When you choose GABIO, you are choosing a careful construction made by qualified installers!

In short, GABIO means:

  • Highly durable structures
  • Various choices of mesh configurations
  • The most resistant anti-corrosion coating in the industry
  • European manufacturing
  • Kits delivered pre-assembled to the customer
  • Custom design
  • Technical assistance
  • Engineering and field support services available