Wall Cladding

Cladding your facades using gabions can be done without having to use a mason. With our metal mesh, the result is a very natural esthetic. Our gabions are the solution you’re looking for to uniquely and innovatively clad your buildings! With a thickness of 155 mm (around 6 inches) or 230 mm (around 9 inches), there’s an option for short or tall facades. This custom solution can also be used for load-bearing installations. Consult our technical guides for more information on our cladding systems.


Architectural gabion facade cladding is both esthetically pleasing and very durable. This type of cladding system is very popular in Europe and is the perfect alternative to traditional masonry work. It should also be noted that a gabion wall has a smaller environmental footprint than concrete or brick cladding.

  • Original and innovative cladding
  • Require no masonry
  • Natural esthetics